LED video trucks

All Mobil Show video trucks are equipped with high-quality outdoor LED screens suitable for operation during daylight hours and are the optimal, mobile screen solution. Our show trucks are used for sports events, road-shows, public viewing and promotion tours and any events, where fast assembly and disassembly are critical.

Mobile LED screen and stage trucks of the company Mobil Show are worldwide unique.

The big advantages of video trucks compared to modular LED screen systems are the fast readiness for use, the low manpower requirements and the lack of a substructure, which requires additional ballast.

Our two stage trucks T23 and T24 can be used without a stage as pure video trucks or without the LED screen as pure stage trucks.

Air-conditioned backstage and equipment rooms provide for high comfort and highest quality off the stage as well.

Mobile LED screen trucks are the ideal product for road-shows, promotion and public viewing, since they can be integrated into any corporate design without any problem with the possibility of comprehensive branding. The low space requirements and the still generously designed interior of this stage truck offer a further advantage for organisers and organisations.