LED Video Truck T12

The Mobil Show video truck T12 is one of the most flexible LED screen trucks in Europe and with its 12.4 m² LED screen in the format 16:9 has a high-resolution outdoor video wall.

The LED wall, which is rotatable by 360°, is completely suitable for operation during daylight hours with its light intensity of more than 8000 nits, and is the ideal solution for events, where fast assembly is critical. The time to get this video truck ready for operation is below 15 minutes.

With state of the art equipment, we achieve highest quality in colour and contrast. This mobile screen truck offers state of the art equipment and thus enables processing of most different sources and signals.


3x Preview monitor
2x DVD Player
1x Notebook
Videoinput: HD-SDI, Composite, HDMI, DVI

Dimensions Truck:

Length on the Road / set up:
7.400mm / 7.400mm
Width on the road / set up:
2.100mm / 2.850mm
Height on the road / set up:
3.700mm / 5.300mm
< 4.000kg

LED Screen

Domain of application:
In- Outdoor
Dimensions Video wall:
B 4.480mm x H 2.640mm (Format 16/9)
Display area:
11,82 m²
8mm, 560 x 330 Pixel real
LED pro Bildpunkt: 3in1 SMD
Minimum of viewing distance:
Horizontal viewing angle
Vertical viewing angle:
Brightness control:
automatic oder manual
16.777.216 total
Picture Frequence:
3.000 HZ
Required power supply:
400 V/32 Ampere