LED Videobande

Video boards, the so-called perimeter display, are especially used for sports events in the indoor and outdoor area, and in a simple manner enable a visually attractive presentation of sponsors and partners.
Wherever sports events are broadcasted on TV, the perimeter display is an indispensable component of the sponsor presentation. Here, quality plays a particular role. Our video boards are equipped with high-quality control devices, in order to provide for a brilliant image on TV, too.

LED Videobande VB DP10 iod

indoor und outdoor
Modulgröße LxHxT:
1280mm x 960mm x 300mm
height Anzeigenfläche:
height inkl. Sockel und Protektor:
Bildfläche pro Modul:
LED pro Bildpunkt:
2R 1G 1B
Horizontaler Betrachtungswinkel:
Vertikaler Betrachtungswinkel:

Steuerung Helligkeit:
automatisch oder manuell
16.777.216 total
3.000 HZ
SDI, Composite, VGA, DVI


3er Gruppe width height resolution electrical connection
1 3x1 3840mm 960mm 384x96 16A
2 3x1 7680mm 960mm 768x96 16A
3 3x1 11520mm 960mm 1152x96 16A
4 3x1 15360mm 960mm 1536x96 32A
5 3x1 19200mm 960mm 1920x96 32A
6 3x1 46080mm 960mm 2304x96 32A
7 3x1 26880mm 960mm 2688x96 32A
8 3x1 30720mm 960mm 3072x96 32A
9 3x1 34560mm 960mm 3456x96 32A
10 3x1 38400mm 960mm 3840x96 63A


4er Gruppe width height resolution electrical connection
1 4x1 5120mm 960mm 512x96 16A
2 4x1 10240mm 960mm 1024x96 16A
3 4x1 15360mm 960mm 1536x96 32A
4 4x1 20480mm 960mm 2048x96 32A
5 4x1 25600mm 960mm 2560x96 32A
6 4x1 30720mm 960mm 3072x96 32A
7 4x1 35840mm 960mm 3584x96 63A
8 4x1 40960mm 960mm 4096x96 63A
9 4x1 46080mm 960mm 4608x96 63A
10 4x1 51200mm 960mm 5120x96 63A


5er Gruppe width height resolution electrical connection
1 5x1 6400mm 960mm 640x96 16A
2 5x1 12800mm 960mm 1280x96 32A
3 5x1 19200mm 960mm 1920x96 32A
4 5x1 25600mm 960mm 2560x96 32A
5 5x1 32000mm 960mm 3200x96 32A
6 5x1 38400mm 960mm 3840x96 63A
7 5x1 44800mm 960mm 4480x96 63A
8 5x1 51200mm 960mm 5120x96 63A
9 5x1 57600mm 960mm 5760x96 63A
10 5x1 64000mm 960mm 6400x96 63A