LED Curtain

LED curtain MC P25 iod - LED curtains are excellently suited as large-scale backdrops of stages and exhibition stands.

Their low net weight enables the use of LED curtain displays for small as well as for large stages. There are also no limitations in formats and sizes.

In the club scene, they are more and more frequently used by VJs. With the use of pixel mapping programs, the LED curtain can prove its superiority and achieve unbelievable effects.

With its complete suitability for video display, the use of curtain displays is not only reduced to a pure effect illumination, but also enables the display of any contents. Not without reason, the LED curtain enjoys increasing popularity, and today’s stage design is hardly imaginable without it.


LED Curtain MC P25 iod

indoor und outdoor
Modulgröße LxHxT:
600mm x 600mm x 70mm
Bildfläche pro Modul:
LED pro Bildpunkt:
1R 1G 1B
Horizontaler Betrachtungswinkel:
Vertikaler Betrachtungswinkel:
Steuerung Helligkeit:
automatisch oder manuell
16.777.216 total
3.000 HZ
SDI, Composite, VGA, DVI


Konfigurationsbeispiel: X x 7
  width height area resolution weight electrical connection
8x7 4800mm 4200mm 20,16m² 192x168 560kg 16A
10x7 6000mm 4200mm 25,20m² 240x168 700kg 32A
12x7 7200mm 4200mm 30,24m² 288x168 840kg 32A
14x7 8400mm 4200mm 35,28m² 336x168 980kg 32A


Konfigurationsbeispiel: X x 8
  width height area resolution weight electrical connection
8x8 4800mm 4800 mm 23.04m² 192x192 640kg 16A
10x8 6000mm 4800mm 28,80m² 240x192 800kg 32A
12x8 7200mm 4800mm 34,56m² 288x192 960kg 32A
14x8 8400mm 4800mm 40,32m² 336x192 1120kg 32A


Konfigurationsbeispiel: X x 9
  width height area resolution weight electrical connection
7x9 4200mm 5400mm 22,68m² 168x216 630kg 16A
9x9 5400mm 5400mm 29,16m² 216x216 810kg 32A
11x9 6600mm 5400mm 35,64m² 264x216 990kg 32A
13x9 7800mm 5400mm 42,12m² 312x216 1170kg 32A